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Mineski vs EVOS PDCup SEA 2017 Highlights Dota 2

Mineski vs EVOS Esports Highlights PDCup SEA #4 2017 Dota 2
EVOS vs Mineski MSki PDCup 2017 Dota 2 SEA Season 4 [All Games] Bo2 10.01.2017 - Groupstage
Commentary by PandaCasts

Team Mineski Mski: RR!, Meracle-, ninjaboogie, Julz, raging potato.
Team EVOS: Aville, Francoeur, 2hoi, ilLogic, Darkuther.

Tournament - PDCup SEA 2017 Dota 2 Season 4.
Participants: Mineski, EVOS, Team Legion, NewHope, Clutch Gamers, Entity Esports, The Mongolz, Rex Regum Qeon, See You Again, HappyFeet.

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