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Dota 2 7.05: New update arrives but Patch Notes may disappoint

If you were expecting some major changes with the release of the Dota 2 7.05 update, you may be left a bit disappointed by the official patch notes. No new heroes made their debut this week, instead the latest release focuses on minor balance tweaks. Items may be the place fans may see the most noticeable changes, with Hand of Midas given 1.75x instead of 2.50x exp, counter-balanced with its gold bonus increasing from 190 to 220.

Tranquil Boots now gives no armour, but provides a higher movement speed and health regen when enabled. Power Treads, meanwhile, offers an extra attribute point, while the Orb of Venom sees its damage per second upped, with it's slow lasting for less time. The Quelling Blade has also seen a little rejig, with its bonus damage no longer stacking with the Iron Talon. A huge list of minor changes have been made to heroes, with many seeing minor buffs and nerfs, in the hope of pushing a few back into the competitive game a little.

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