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Clutch Gamers, EHOME to attend The Major League championed by Celcom

Clutch Gamers and EHOME are among the seven invited teams to attend The Major League championed by Celcom scheduled in October. Eight of Asia's talented teams will be competing for the 300,000RM (~ $70,000) prize pool October 20-22nd. The event will be held at the Educity Sports Complex in Iskandar, Malaysia - a 1500 seater Arena. Seven of the eight teams will be invited, one team will earn a spot as the wild card team. So far the confirmed participants include Clutch Gamers, EHOME, MVP and EVOS.

The remaining teams will be announced soon. The wild card spot will be determined by a qualifier event. Teams can register HERE for one of five qualifiers to be held at local cyber cafes taking place between September 10 -October 8th. Registration costs 50RM (~ $11) and offers a total qualifier prize pool of 10,000RM (~ $2,400). Sixteen teams total will advance into the final round that is scheduled to take place October 14-15th at the Academy of Esports in Iskandar, Malaysia. While The Major League championed by Celcom will not be one of the 22 minors and majors scheduled already for the upcoming year, it will be a chance for local players to try their hand on the big stage against some of the notable teams in Asia and a chance for fans to get some live quality action early in the year.

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