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Infamous-P4pita interview: “I knew I had to move from Argentina for shot at a professional career”

Mariano "P4pita" Caneda is the first Argentinian player to make a break out into the Dota 2 professional scene and despite his very green career, he has a few things to brag about already. For the first time in their few years history, Infamous have dropped the idea of a full Peruvian roster. They qualified to TI 7 with an Argentinian coach - who now joined the team in the mid lane position. Mariano "P4pita" Caneda boasts being the coach of the first ever South American qualified team to The International and is now playing in the first ever Dota 2 minor.

He has done that only through hard work and life changing decisions. We got the chance to have a chat with him on the first day of the PGL Open Bucharest minor, and although it was right after a lost series against LGD Gaming, he was extremely happy to share all of his thoughts and talk about his long journey from pub matches to TI7. My opportunity was a year ago when I reached the WESG 2016-2017 regional LAN qualifiers from Brazil with the Isurus Gaming Dota team. We won there, and qualified for the China Global Grand Finals and it was in China where I got to meet all these other SA players, where I meet in person some of the Infamous players from that time. I made a few connections back then and I started to play more tournaments for different teams, even as a stand in, stacks for different qualifiers and I believe this is how I was noticed eventually.

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