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LGD Gaming take first seed of PGL Open Bucharest Group A

LGD Gaming had the strongest start of any of the Chinese teams appearing post TI7. The Chinese veterans capitalized on their experience and patience to claim both of their series to prove they are real contenders in the Pro Circuit and claimed the first seed of Group A. LGD have secured the first spot in the playoffs, securing their first TI8 qualifying points in the season but also a minimum of $30,000.

Team Secret and Infamous both came out of the gate swinging on their first day of competition, but only threw lightweight punches, failing to knock out their opponents or throw any weight around by the end. One of these two teams will be the first to be eliminated as they face off against each other on Saturday, October 21st. Immortals had stunning and entertaining first series against Team Secret, taking down the European threat with relative ease. But it was against LGD that the Koreans began to struggle to find their way, and were quickly bested 2:1. The North American representatives will need to fight for a place in the playoff brackets on Saturday as they take on the winner of Infamous vs Team Secret.

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