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All you need to know about Dota Sumit 8, the last Minor of the year

Dota 2 fans couldn’t receive a better gift for the winter holidays than a Summit event to kick off the Christmas spirit. Dota Summit 8 is a Minor, part of the Dota Pro Circuit and, like previous BTS events, it will be one of the most entertaining tournaments to watch. The teams line-up is exciting, on top of an interesting tournament format comprised of three stages - Group Stage, Wild Card, Playoffs and due to featuring an odd number of participants (9), BTS split the teams into three groups.

Group Stage:

Group Stage: 3 groups, 3 teams each 3-game series round-robin Each win equals one point In the event of tiebreakers, extra games will be played Top team from each group advance to playoffs

Wild Card: 3 runner-ups from group stage and the 3rd place team with most wins Single Elimination Winner advances to playoffs All games are Bo3

Playoffs: 4 Teams: 3 group winners and winner of the Wild Card Single Elimination Bo3 Semifinals, Bo5 Grand Finals

Top three teams in the Dota Pro Circuit rankings were seeded in different groups and were allowed to choose their group adversaries from the remaining six teams. Note, that when the group stage seeding was made, OG were still playing in the MDL Macau Minor and had no Circuit points under their belt, thus they weren’t part of the three teams that had the privilege to choose. Instead, Virtus.pro, Evil Geniuses and LGD Gaming were the three teams who took turns in a schoolyard pick fashion.

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