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Team Liquid are Champions of StarLadder iLeague Season 4 Invitational Minor

Team Liquid secure another title as they dominate LGD Gaming 3:1 to become champions of StarLadder iLeague Season 4 Invitational Minor. Another extraordinary and dominating performance by Team Liquid have given the TI7 championship team another title and more Pro Circuit points in the 2017-2019 season. The European team continues to steamroll over their opponents to consistently claim a podium finish at the top events of the year. Team Liquid's victory became their fourth consecutive StarLadder iLeague championship title. The day started out strong for LGD Gaming who upset Newbee 2:0 in the first series of the semi finals. The first game was a shocking stomp in only 23 minutes. Their second match was a fantastic comeback.

The entire game looked to be in Newbee's pocket from the start but crucial spell steals turned the game into an intense race to the end when at 50 minutes LGD turned the game on it's head and claimed the victory in the remaining three minutes of play. The Grand Finals showcased Team Liquid's domination, experience and stunning combinations. In the first match the European almost lost their footing about 22 minutes in but quickly recovered. LGD Gaming was able to turn things around about 31 minutes in after a crucial kill on the Storm Spirit and then team wipe - giving them two sets of barracks and an 11k gold swing in their favor. The game became incredibly close for some time but in the end Team Liquid reclaimed their composure and the game closing it out in about 50 minutes. The second match was a surprising deathball stomp over Team Liquid by LGD Gaming. The Chinese team had set an incredible pace right out of the gates. By 12 minutes in LGD had taken down five towers, by 16 minutes had claimed the bottom set of barracks and at 18 minutes after they had taken the middle barracks Team Liquid tapped out. LGD's flawless execution gave fans much hope for a long and contested series.

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