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Both Invictus Gaming teams knocked out of the MDL Changsha Major

In the first round of the lower bracket, Invictus Gaming and iG .Vitality are the first two teams to leave the MDL Changsha Major playoffs versus their fellow Chinese teams Newbee and PSG.LGD. The Lower-Bracket matches started today with two out of the four Chinese teams crowded in this LB round 1 fated to face the end of the road and the elimination out of the MDL Changsha Major. The day started with the Newbee vs iG Best of 1 match. And what a match to start the day with. The epic showdown between those two teams took 1 Hour and 6 minutes of a back and forth Dota.

It ended up favoring team Newbee who barely managed to win the full mega creeps vs full mega creeps game thanks to Chun "Sccc" Song Kunkka and the Divine-Rapier crits that tore apart team iG and saved the game for the TI7 runner-up team who defended their exposed ancient. On the other side of the lower brackets Round 1, PSG.LGD took on iG.Vitality. The game was even longer than the previous one, hitting 70 minutes. iG.V tried to hold in the game as much as they could with everything they had making it really long game despite the networth difference being in LGD's favor. iG.Vitality were looking like they would come out on top, pushing the waves out with the Galvin "Meracle" Kang Jian Wen - who got more than 1100 Last hits and the 2nd highest Naga 7.00+ networth overall - and playing around their Massive AoE spells: The Ravage, the Song of the Siren and the Ice Blast. et, it was PSG.LGD who managed to snatch the win and secure their game with the Lycan —who totally focused on destroying iG.V's base over and over. PSG.LGD will take on TNC next in just a few short hours.

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