compLexity Gaming

compLexity Gaming (coL) is a professional gaming organization based out of North America. Created in 2003, this organization has become a powerhouse in electronic sports competitions across multiple genre. compLexity Gaming is a member of the G7 teams. CompLexity is a constant driving force in multiple competitive gaming scenes worldwide.

In the past 13 years, our teams and players have amassed over 120 major championship wins and have been featured in outlets including Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, and The Today Show. But our long history, and our numerous achievements are only part of what makes compLexity so powerful. Each win stems from the dedication instilled in every player, streamer, and staff member within our organization. It is our attitude and commitment that leads us to victory and pushes us to accomplish more – which is why compLexity has always been powered by passion, and driven by success.
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