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Team Secret is a European team that was first established during the post-TI4 shuffle. The original team drew upon players from former Na'Vi, Fnatic and Alliance squads. The team has since undergone a number of reincarnations, but uniformly under the captaincy of Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov. Since its formation Team Secret have been one of the most successful brands in Dota 2, not only in Europe but on the international stage as well. Team Secret is a European professional Dota 2 team. Team Secret was originally made up of players from Natus Vincere, Fnatic, and Alliance, who formed a team in the post-TI4 shuffle. The team was announced to be participating in various tournaments, but without an official roster. The morning of the first day of Star Ladder Star Series Season 10 - EU/CIS Division, a link to their Starladder team page confirmed rumours of Puppey, Kuroky, s4, Fly, and BigDaddy. It was revealed that Arteezy and Zai would join the team for the Dota 2 Asian championship. After some disappointing results the team would go on to win multiple LANs in a row, becoming the top favourite to win The international 5. However the team ended up with a disappointing early exit at the hands of Virtus Pro.

In the International aftermath all members but Puppey left the team and it was revealed that it would be reformed with a roster of old and new talent, with EternalEnvy,MiSeRy,pieliedie and pubstar w33 joining. The new Team Secret would go on to win multiple LANs before the Frankfurt Major. During the first Major the team reached the final, but fell at the hands of OG. Following the Frankfurt Major Secret achieved a few disappointing result in the tournaments they participated in, however during the Shanghai Major Secret seemed to be on form once more reaching the grand final. This time they managed to beat Team Liquid and win the teams first Major. After the Major in preparation for the Spring and Summer season, w33 and MiSeRy were replaced by Arteezy and Universe. In 2016, the team also expanded into other games, sponsoring all-female Counter Strike: Global Offensive team WeRunThisPlace, who won the ladies' event at the IEM World Championship, and Korean Street Fighter pro gamer Lee Chung Gon (Poongko).

On June 9, 2016 - only days after Team Secret and Evil Geniuses had finished last at The Manila Major 2016 - Secret announced that UNiVeRsE had left to join EG. In return, BuLba joins Team Secret. In the team's listed roster for the open qualifiers for The International 2016, Aui_2000 is revealed to be a sub for the team. After finishing last place in The International 2016, Team Secret made changes to their squad with the addition of MP, MidOne and Forev replacing, Bulba, Arteezy and EternalEnvy plus the coaches Aui_2000 and 1437.On 16 February 2016, former team manager Evany Chang accused Team Secret of not paying prize winnings to her and former players. On 9 October 2016, former player EternaLEnVy wrote a blog post detailing several instances of the organization, in particular team director Kemal and team captain Puppey, failing to pay players on time, lying about payments and sponsorships, and taking a 10% cut out of prize winnings without informing the players.Later that day, another former player, MiSeRy, released a blog raising similar issues, and claiming Secret did not pay him until he asked several times. He also backed EternaLEnVy's claim that Puppey was the only player aware of the organization taking a 10% cut.
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