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TNC Pro Team is a professional Dota 2 team based in the Philippines. After acquiring DeMoN as captain, TNC placed first in the TI6 Southeast Asian qualifier to become the first Philippine team to qualify for The International since Mineski at TI1.

They encountered visa trouble, but successfully secured US visas after support from, among others, Valve and Philippine Senator Bam Aquino. At The International 2016, the team started in the lower bracket after a 7/7 result in the group stage.

They first faced Vici Gaming Reborn, who were missing their starting offlaner, Yang, due to visa trouble. TNC prevailed, thus securing a best-of-three rematch against Group A winner OG, who had won both of their head-to-head games versus TNC in the group stage. After winning Game 1 thanks to a fast start, TNC further shocked viewers by defeating the two-time major champions again in game two, despite a 20,000-Gold deficit near the hour mark. TNC's victory was described by some as the biggest upset in the history of The International. Although TNC lost their next series against the eventual second place team, Digital Chaos, the team had secured over $500,000 (Over 20 million Philippine Pesos.). Shortly after the conclusion of the International, all five players left TNC's roster. Raven, eyyou, and DeMoN eventually joined Fnatic, with Kuku and Sam_H returning to TNC to form a new roster containing Teehee, ryOyr, and Cast. In 2017, TnC qualified for the WESG 2016 LAN Finals in China and later moved to the playoffs stage after reaching first place in the group, D. Their continued run in the playoffs saw them defeat Cloud 9 and win a massive prizepool of $800,000.
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