Vrogros, the Underlord, is a melee strength hero whose commanding presence is crucial to his team's success. With his long-lasting abilities, Underlord is able to control wide areas of the battlefield during teamfights. Raining down damage with Firestorm, he clears out creeps and discourages enemies from approaching. With his Dark Rift, he can teleport his entire team across the map, taking enemies by surprise, and pushing in lanes while the other team is dead or out of position. Enemies' base attacks are reduced around Underlord by his Atrophy Aura, making Underlord more durable than most other heroes, and helping his team survive longer in fights.

 At the same time, Atrophy Aura allows him to accumulate damage from the deaths of nearby enemies, temporarily giving him high physical damage. One of the best area disables in the game, Pit of Malice presents a very large obstacle for enemies, especially melee attackers. With it, Underlord can catch and trap numerous opponents, making him a potent and dangerous opponent in any teamfight. Neither myth nor song exist to tell of their coming. Deep below the surface of the world lay unknown wonders and horrors. Down and down again, well beneath the slithering magma fields and simmering roots of dormant volcanoes stands the obsidian city of Aziyog, its incomparable stonework spanning an endless cavern.

Within honeycomb walls mortared with the bones of countless slaves lies the domain of the Abyssal Horde, and their brutal underlord Vrogros. Armed by the monstrous forgemasters of his kind and well-practiced in the arts of the Dark Rift, Vrogros is able to conjure forth flame and crippling malice through the twist between worlds. He seeks always to expand his holdings, destroying or enslaving all he encounters. Yet the lands offered by the subterranean realm are few, and so his sights have turned upward. By his command the first waves of abyssal invaders have already marched through the rift, a few doomed legions meant merely to test the might of nations above. Now, as his full force readies itself for unending conquest, Vrogros himself steps into a sunlit world to announce his coming reign. Those who face the Underlord will bow and pay tribute, or be crushed where they stand.
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