Viper the Netherdrake is a ranged agility Hero who can function as an excellent ganker and carry due to his slowing auto-attacks and his low cooldown ultimate. Although ganking is often made easier with Viper's presence, his true carry potential is revealed with sheer item power.

Farming with Viper is relatively easy; while he has no area of effect abilities to clear waves, Nethertoxin makes last-hitting a cinch. However, active participation in ganking is very important before his ganking power wears out in mid-late game, due to enemy heroes playing more cautiously and obtaining better items. Poison Attack makes Viper very potent in hero harassing.

The malevolent familiar of a sadistic wizard who captured and hoped to tame him, Viper was curiously glad to have been sprung from the sealed and unchanging subterranean Nether Reaches where his race had lived for millions of years, after tectonic slippage had sealed off the Netherdrakes in luminous caverns. Viper spent some time appearing to submit to the wizard's enchainments, hoping to learn what he could of the dark magics the mage practiced. But he soon realized that few spells were as deadly as the toxins that were his birthright. Exuding an acid that swiftly ate away the bars of his cage, the Netherdrake slipped free of his confines, spit poison in the old spellcaster's eyes, and soared out to let the world know that it had a new master.
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