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Arcanys Gaming is a professional Dota 2 team based in the Philippines. Arcanys Gaming is a Filipino Dota 2 team. Arcanys Gaming is a Dota 2 Team based in Cebu, Philippines with players coming from both the Visayas and Mindanao major areas. Since their formation, they have been consistently performing in major local events and tournaments. The team originally started with WarCraft III Dota Cebu, Philippines veterans Marvin "Boombacs" Rushton (formerly known as "nivram") and Heinrich "Heinrich" Abad and former captain Job "JobJobJob" Ramos, a competitive HoN player who just recently switched to Dota 2. Being the one of the most organized and properly sponsored team in the Philippines outside of Manila, the team immediately gained moderate success in the local scene. One of their achievements was grabbing the Championship in the second iteration of the eSports Festival in 2013. Their lineup consisted of current members Marvin "Boombacs" Rushton, Heinrich "Heinrich" Abad along with former members Jundell "Arsian" Navaja (former teammate of ninjaboogie in Duskbin eSports), MayJR, and former captain jobjobjob.We lost game 2 against Entity Esports. The match ended with a 1-1 score. GGWP.

Despite being consistent in local tournaments they were unable to find success in one of the most prominent titles in the Philippines, the Mineski Pro-Gaming League. Though they qualified for the LAN finals in their first attempt, the failed to reach the top places of the MPGL V Philippine Finals. Moving forward they underwent some roster changes, including replacing "MayJR" with a popular player from Mindanao in "KaKan" before eventually getting JobJobJob's friend from competitive HoN, current member Jun "Bok" Kanehara as their offlaner.We will be playing in the ASUS Rog Oceanic Qualifiers today at 7PM SGT. Top 2 team goes to the main event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Steam link will be posted later. You might be asking why we are playing on Oceanic and not SEA Qualifiers. Well, our current team lineup right now consists of 2 Pinoys and 3 players from Australia so we have to play on this qualifiers.

Internal struggles found the team in a less than favorable overall condition which led to instability in performances. This hinted in a disbandment, however because of both founding members (Boombacs and -HEINRICH-) efforts, they did a complete overhaul and breaking its all-Cebuano roster to include Cagayan de Oro's stars, current members Prince Vince "MightySavior" Enriquez and Delbert "Friedbutterflyz" Cortez. Now with a fresh lineup and unwavering determination from the whole team as well as individual skills to back them up (including a new gaming area in the Arcanys office), they strived to be better than ever. This proved to be the case when they went toe to toe with the Philippines' representatives (Mineski, Execration, CNS and MSIEvoGT) during the IeSF Asian Championships in 2014. Despite placing 3rd, they continued to remain undaunted and persisted. They then smashed their way through the MPGL Season VI and finally getting one of the (if not the) Philippines' most coveted title, MPGL Philippines Champion for MPGL Season VI. Riding their momentum on to the MGPL SEA Grand Finals, they managed to pave their way to the Final Stage wherein they were against the Korea-based Filipino team RAVE, led by a familiar face in Michael "ninjaboogie" Ross, as ninjaboogie has roots in competitive Dota in Cebu during the early years of competitive Warcraft III DotA as well as being teammates with Boombacs and -HEINRICH- before. Though they failed in grabbing the Championship, their second place finish and close series made a mark in the hearts and minds of local and international fans alike. Now they continue to persevere and make a name for themselves, slowly getting attention in the SEA scene. 2 of our former team members are now in an all-Pinoy Malaysia-based team. Let's give Boombac's and Abing's new team some love. 5 of our former members will be representing Cebu for the MPGL 8 Grand Finals next week! Give them your love and support.
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