Winter Treasure III

Winter Treasure III is now available, featuring new item sets for Gyrocopter, Weaver, Nyx Assassin, Windranger, Razor, Naga Siren, and Chen, as well as the chance to unlock a Very Rare Rubick set or Extremely Rare Dragon Knight set. Additionally, today’s release makes a change to the item slots used by Chen’s mounts.

Instead of slots for both a mount and the mount’s armor, Chen will now have a single item slot for his mount, and any armor will be included in the mount’s model. To fit the hero’s new item slot requirements, older Chen mounts will be converted from two separate items into one item. This should allow for the release of higher quality Chen mounts in the future. Today’s update also includes adjustments to the visual mechanics of TP Scrolls, the return of the hero inspection panel, and an experimental change to matchmaking that will run over the course of this weekend.

Dota 2 Update - March 3rd, 2017
- Added an in-game hero inspection panel.
- Teleport destination effects now show a visual indicator of the teleporting hero.
- The maximum rank new accounts can calibrate to has been lowered.
- Fixed a bug with item right-click menus sometimes requiring two clicks.

For this weekend we are testing some changes to matchmaking:
- Parties can only play in unranked matches.
- Ranked matchmaking no longer has Captain’s Mode or Random Draft.
- Unranked All Pick now follows the same picking order as Ranked All Pick.
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