A train wreck of epic proportions: The Shanghai Major

Let’s get this out of the way. The Shanghai Major had its problems, the production was a disaster, there’s a seemingly endless list of things that went wrong. For a long time, Perfect World was synonymous with shoddy production, but with the help of PGL, DAC 2017 showed that they’re capable of much better. Instead of reading about it all again, why not relive it in a nice compact video courtesy of fwosh. But The Shanghai Major was more than its production value. There was a Dota tournament, buried in there! After forming in 2014 and quickly becoming a fan favourite team, Team Secret were the favourites at TI5 but only made it three matches into the playoffs.

They finally made it all the way to the Grand Finals of The Frankfurt Major, and Shanghai was Team Secret’s time to shine. EHOME had been the team to cut Secret’s TI dreams short less than a year previously, but when they met in Shanghai’s group stage Secret had their revenge, defeating them and earning a spot in the upper bracket. Of all the teams they could meet in the upper bracket, they faced OG first. Luckily for Secret, OG weren’t playing at the top of their game in this second Major, and Secret beat them 2-1. Secret continued through the upper bracket, beating Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid before taking their place in the Grand Final. Team Liquid came back after beating Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket for a Grand Final rematch, but Team Secret beat them a second time, claiming the Mystic Staff trophy and finally taking a Valve event championship for a squad Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov had been cultivating since August 2014. Despite it being a hometown event, Chinese Dota barely showed up to The Shanghai Major. One theory is that the event was too close to Chinese New Year, meaning many teams lacked practice directly before the LAN, but of course such a simple explanation is probably just a small part of the truth. When the event ended, no Chinese team placed higher than 9th-12th place, which means no Chinese team made it past the second round of the lower bracket. Many wondered how Chinese Dota could recover, but few could guess that a team who wasn’t even relevant at The Shanghai Major would rise to the top in time to win TI6. Come back tomorrow for a look at the third and final Major before TI6, The Manila Major!
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