Meet new Na`Vi.G2A Dota 2 roster!

Meet new Na`Vi.G2A Dota 2 roster!

eSports season is over, 2016 is coming to an end and we are ready to
announce the new Dota 2 team that will represent UkraineNatus Vincere
G2A in 2017.

The scouting process had begun after The Boston Major qualifiers and
ended up late December by signing contracts with three players. The
newcomers of Natus Vincere G2A Dota 2 roster are Sweden Per Anders
Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille, Germany Roman "rmN-" Paley and Denmark Malthe
"Biver" Winther.

Sweden Per Anders Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille is an experienced professional
Dota 2 player. He began his gaming career in DotA Allstars, after the
release of Dota 2 he played in Evil Geniuses, CLG, LGD.International,
Mousesports, Team Tinker, The Alliance and some other teams. Pajkatt is
signed as a free agent.

The term of agreement - 1 year.

Germany Roman "rmN-" Paley isn’t a beginner on professional scene
either. The German Na`Vi legionnaire has been playing on a good level
for a couple of years already. Before joining our organization he played
 in such teams as Kaipi, QPAD Red Pandas, Power Rangers and Fantastic
Five, from where his contract was bought out.

The term of agreement - 1 year.

DenmarkMalthe "Biver" Winther is a talented and very capable player. He
began playing professionally not long ago, but has already become
notable and demonstrated great potential. Malthe’s previous teams were
London Conspiracy and Prodota Gaming, from which he was transferred to
Natus Vincere.

The term of agreement - 1 year.

Summing up, the team is complete and will soon begin practicing for the
upcoming season. Kyiv bootcamp of the new Dota 2 roster of Natus Vincere
 will be held after 20 January 2017. Also later we will announce the
team’s tournaments schedule.

UkraineYevgeniy "HarisPilton" Zolotarov – eSports Director of Natus

“When were searching for the members of new roster, our goal wasn’t just
 to find 3 powerful players. We paid much attention to the personal
qualities, communication in the game and in life, as well as the passion
 for Dota 2. As a result we are signing the following players:

Pajkatt will be a captain, drafter and carry of the team. We had time to
 test Per and he proved to be a true leader and intelligent team player
as well as to have a great playing shape. Pajkatt has things to prove,
since he didn’t have really great achievements in his career. We believe
 that he’ll live up to our hopes and win many titles with Na`Vi.

We’ve determined the fourth support position quite long ago. German
player rmN- will play in our new team. Roman demonstrated great
performance during the test games, and similar to Pajkatt he has things
to prove. He has a very good hero pool, large experience and personal
qualities necessary for the teamwork. I am sure that with Na`Vi he'll
reveal his full potential.

Regarding the fifth support, unlike Roman and Per, Malthe doesn’t have
that much experience. Nonetheless, he’s open and positive person as well
 as a reliable player with great micro control. We have no doubts he’ll
be a great teammate both in game and in day-to-day life.

I also would like to say to our fans that both the organization and the
players will make everything possible to bring you joy with great games
and victories. And I wish much persistence and confidence to our guys!”

Ukraine Igor “caff” Sydorenko – Manager of Natus Vincere Dota 2 roster:

“I am happy to welcome the guys in our organization. We slightly changed
 the approach in the scouting. Our main focus was to create positive and
 yet professional atmosphere in the team. I am sure this will give us a
chance to take a different look at the training process and further team
 building .

No matter what, there’s a hard way before us and we place our hope on
our fans. It is your support that gives us extra power and motivation.


I also want to express our gratitude to the management of Fantastic Five
 and Prodota for the reasonable and professional position in the
transfer negotiations”.

Sweden Per Anders Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille:

"Happy to be playing competitive Dota 2 once again, now under the Na`Vi
banner. Looking forward to working hard with my new teammates and
hopefully becoming a team we all can be proud to be a part of!"

Germany Roman "rmN-" Paley:

"I am grateful to have the opportunity to play under such a big
organization, with experienced and skilled players such as Dendi and
GeneRaL. My role will be mainly 4th position support and even though it
is basically a new team, I will do my best so we can achieve our goals
and develop as a team!"

Denmark Malthe "Biver" Winther:

"I am happy to be in this new Na`Vi roster and to be part of such a
prestigious organisation. I am really excited for the future and I will
be trying my hardest not to let the fans down!"
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