MidOne becomes the second player to hit 10K MMR

After Digital Chaos's Abed, it's Team Secret's MidOne turn to be inducted into the hall of 10K MMR players. It seemed like an eternity when everyone was waiting for the first 10K MMR player. Now we have two! Team Secret's mid laner Nai Zheng 'MidOne' Yeik entered the elite 10K club by winning his final game on Ursa. The race to reaching 10K had heated up a few weeks ago with MidOne, Abed 'Abed' Yusop and Zhang 'Paparazi' Chengjun in the running. Paparazzi did reach 9.8K, but fell down the latter before he could take the final step. Then came Abed who made it to 10K albeit with some controversy surrounding the climb.

MidOne recently started playing on the SEA server and he had a feeling this was the place to hit 10K. Many from the Dota community argued that the reason Abed took time to hit the 10K mark was because he was playing in the SEA region (they aren't wrong about that, I can tell from first hand experience). But MidOne proved everyone wrong by hitting the mark on the very same SEA server. When it comes to the players at the top, I guess they're disciplined on any server. A strage thing, that many might have noticed, is that it is always the mid laners who hit the new MMR peaks. w33haa was the first one to hit 8K, Miracle was the first to reach 9K and it's Abed and MidOne who've made it to 10K before anyone else. Seems like that is quite a motivational position! So come August, we will have two 10K players displaying their skill in Seattle at The International 7. It remains to be seen if the 10K tag will give them a psychological edge over other and help their teams' morale!
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