Noia joins the ranks of Entity Gaming for ROG Masters 2017

Former Danish Bears support player Danny "Noia" Junget teams up with Indian based organization - Entity Gaming for the upcoming ROG Masters 2017 qualifiers. The European had parted ways with his long term teammates and brother Mikki "HesteJoe-Rotten" Junget shortly after the TI7 EU qualifiers - and headed to SEA. At that time, little was known about his future plans and if the venture was one of business or pleasure. Whether he traveled halfway across the world specifically for the opportunity or it came knocking once he had arrived is unknown, but it is clear that Noia will be competing with the rising SEA team for the foreseeable future. Noia is the first European to represent the team and is also being joined by Jun "Bokerino" Kanehara of Filipino fame and teams such as Mineski and Execration.

Bokerino will be taking over the offlane role from Avelino "Ab1ng" Parungao III who will shift to midlane. We here at Entity Gaming take our commitment to bringing an Indian organization to the International scene extremely seriously and to that end would like to announce some changes to the Dota 2 roster. We would like to announce our new roster that shall be participating in the ROG Masters 2017. The newest additions to our roster are: Jun "Bokerino" Kanehara Danny "Noia" Junget” The team hailing from India has been actively working on making a big splash into the international scene. Only two months ago in May, the team recruited Ab1ng of Rave and Clutch Gamers fame and fellow Filipino Job Real "Jobeezy" Ramos - former captain of Arcanys Gaming. With the two new additions, the team now has retained only one Indian player - Jeet "Swifty" Kundra who has been with the team since September. The new roster made their debut yesterday in the ROG Masters 2017 Philippines qualifier and will continue their journey today in Round of 8 as they go head to head to with Young Minds and then hope to battle teams such as Execration and Happy Feet for the one spot to advance to the regional qualifiers.
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