The International 2017 prize pool shatters TI6 record

The International 2017 prize pool has now officially broken the TI6 record - currently standing at $20,772,353 with 32 days still left for fans to contribute even more to the final total. Thanks to the Dota 2 community’s contributions and most recently the Battle Level Bundle released on May 4th, the TI7 prize pool is now the largest single award for an esports event. At 15:00 CEST, on July 12, The International 2017 prize pool has reached $20,772,353. The community has contributed a staggering 1198.27% total increase. If we take away the $1,600,000 Valve chipped in, we’re left with over $19,172,353 raised by the community. However, only 25% of the proceeds of each Battle Pass sale is added up to the TI7 prize pool.

Therefore, the Dota 2 community has actually spent over $76 million on TI7 Battle Passes and levels. The TI7 prize pool tracker provides real-time hourly and daily comparison graphs. This year’s prize has gradually grown at a faster pace than last year’s fund. In addition to dwarfing most esports tournaments prize funds, last year'sTI6 prize pool had even surpassed the prizes of well-known traditional sporting events, such as the Cricket World Cup, The Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, and others. Last year it was estimated that the ‪‎esports‬ market was expected to pass the $1 billion mark in 2017. ‪‎Dota2‬’s contribution to the market size is undeniable and continues to destroy expectations. The International 2017 will take place at KeyArena, Seattle Washington. Eighteen teams from around the world will compete starting August 2nd in the group stage. Sixteen teams will advance to the main event scheduled to take place August 7-12th. The regining champions from TI6, Wings Gaming will not be on hand to defend their title, leaving the Aegis of Champions to be claimed by a new team.
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