The return of Chinese Meta – LGD Gaming vs LGD.Forever Young; Yao vs ddc

Both LGD and LFY have been looking extremely strong in recent encounters, as seen during their dominating run at The International 7 China Qualifiers, with LFY and LGD qualifying in second and third place respectively. They continued their dominance here at MDL2017, cruising their way into the Upper Bracket Finals and now meeting their sister team in the Grand Finals once again. It seemed like China is forming their own Meta with the return of heroes such as Chaos Knight and Shadow Shaman, but the execution of LGD and LFY seemed to be one notch above the rest. Being 'sister' teams, LGD and LFY probably practice a tremendous amount with each other, which means we might get to see very specific bans or unique picks to throw their opponents off in the grand finals as both teams knows each other extremely well. Without further ado, let us look into the drafts and analyze the Best-of-Five series between LGD and LFY. The first phase bans by both teams were no surprises, with LGD removing LFY's classic Death Prophet as well as Nightstalker and LFY removing two staple support heroes in the current meta – Kunkka and Ancient Apparition. LGD went ahead and picked Chen 'Victoria' Guan Hong's Earth Spirit which I believe is more of a deny pick to Tue 'Ah Fu' Soon Chuan, who is a beast on that hero. LFY responded with Earthshaker and Puck, two very strong and versatile heroes in the current Meta. Yao 'Yao' Zheng Zheng closed out the first phase with a Shadow Shaman, a hero that is super favored by Chinese teams currently. More respect bans were thrown out as Chaos Knight and Faceless Void were removed by LFY and Warlock and Dragon Knight by LGD. The 2nd phase picks by LGD were completely designed to counter LFY's picks. LFY went for a Visage and LGD answered with Wang 'Ame' Chun Yu's Gyrocopter: Gyro's Flak Cannon is one of the best counters to Visage birds. Similarly, LFY went for a Drow Ranger, which suits their lineup extremely well, but who gets hard countered by a Broodmother pick from LGD. Down to the final bans, LGD removed the Medusa which would synergize well with the Drow Aura and provide LFY with a late game hero that can deal well against their lineup.

Medusa is also decent at dealing with the Brood's Spiderlings come the mid game. On the other hand, LFY banned the Phantom Lancer which is a direct carry counter to the Drow. LFY went back for a last pick Bristleback which is a hero that can stay in lane against a Broodmother and deal against the split-push. It's an understandable pick, but the downside is that it doesn't utilize Precision Aura at all. As for LGD, they completed their draft with Lu 'Maybe' Yao's Queen of Pain. The QoP rounded up LGD's draft pretty well, filling in the gaps by providing a strong magical burst which their lineup currently lacks. LFY initial plan was to group up and push as per what every Drow strats hope to achieve. However, the Brood counter-pick by LGD is going to apply so much pressure on the Drow that it becomes extremely difficult for LFY to go with their initial plan. As such, LFY needs a secondary plan. The Bristleback has to go to whichever lane the Brood is on to stop the split-pushing potential. The blink timing for Ah Fu on Earthshaker and He 'Inflame' Yong Zheng on Puck is very crucial as they need to be the ones to make the plays and create the space for their team. LFY either has to dominate the early game (which will be extremely difficult) or drag the game to the ultra-late game where Brood falls off. Drow can be extremely strong against LGD's lineup if he does become 6-slotted. As for LGD, they need to snowball off the laning phase with their super strong lanes and constantly apply pressure onto LFY. With the superior map control, LGD will then be comfortable falling back into a slightly passive game where they will just out-farm the cores of LFY. LGD drafted well to deal against a Drow Strat, even forcing a sub-optimal mid hero that doesn't benefit from Precision Aura. LGD's draft is extremely strong in the early game with lots of killing potential in all three lanes. LFY needs to try to out-lane LGD and I think their best bet is to go aggressive tri-lane, leaving Bristleback 1 v 1 against Brood & Puck 1 v 1 against QoP and try to snowball from the laning phase. However, this is something that LGD should expect and can easily play around it.
The return of Chinese Meta – LGD Gaming vs LGD.Forever Young; Yao vs ddc The return of Chinese Meta – LGD Gaming vs LGD.Forever Young; Yao vs ddc Reviewed by Jesi Max on 20:27 Rating: 5

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