TI 7 Profile: OG and their tryst with the Aegis

This TI 7 profile will focus on the road to The International 2017 for OG, who are one out of the six teams with a direct invite to Seattle and also a top contender to secure the ultimate prize in Dota 2 - the Aegis of Champions. From time to time, there come those teams that emerge out of nowhere and against everyone’s expectations, take the scene by storm (in this case, the Dota 2 scene, but it can happen in any sport). That is the case with the Green Dream, OG. Forming in the aftermath of The International 5 (initially known as Monkey Business), the team consisted of three players who finished 9-12th at TI 5 and two others who didn’t even play that year (Andreas 'Cr1t' Nielsen and Amer 'Miracle' Barqawi) in Seattle.

Who was to say that they would be the favorites the next year? But after a very successful year, that included two victories at Valve Majors, OG had transformed into one of the most successful and feared teams of the Dota world. OG was, and always has been, a team devoid of any major controversy. Even in troubling times, the players supported one another and put forth the philosophy that it is the friendship that makes a team strong and not just the grouping of good players. It’s safe to say that the two survivors of the initial OG have made sure the team continues to be at the top tier. Fly and N0tail have a knack of picking out talent and just as they nurtured Miracle, they have done a great job with Ana as well, who has risen to the status of one of the best mid laners from a relatively unknown entity. Jerax was the best replacement OG could have asked for in place of the playmaking Crit. s4, though a mid laner for Alliance, played the position three role with space creating heroes like Batrider and Puck and he’s just transferred his skillset to another lane. There were skeptics of the new lineup who believed Miracle was irreplaceable, especially with someone relatively new to the professional scene (Ana played a bit of professional Dota with Invictus Gaming). But OG have proved them wrong, and how. With two more Valve Majors in the bag with the new lineup, the only Valve trophy missing from their cabinet is the Aegis!
TI 7 Profile: OG and their tryst with the Aegis TI 7 Profile: OG and their tryst with the Aegis Reviewed by Jesi Max on 01:39 Rating: 5

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