A sneak peek into the brilliant mind of Liquid.KuroKy-

An attempt to breakdown the thought process of Liquid.KuroKy- in the series against LGD in the Lower Bracket of The International 2017. Kuro 'KuroKy-' Salehi Takhasomi has always been known as one of the best captains and drafters of all times and he has proven himself once again at The International 2017. In the Lower Bracket elimination series against LGD with everything on the line, KuroKy- came out big with two insane out-drafts, allowing Team Liquid to take a convincing 2-0 win over LGD. Here is an attempt to breakdown whatever might have been going through the brilliant mind of Liquid.KuroKy.


Based on LGD's past matches, teams knew that they prioritize picking Ren 'eLeVeN' Yangwei's Magnus, even if it means first picking it. On top of that, they also prioritize Chen 'Victoria' Guanhong's Kunkka and Yao 'Yao' Zhengzheng's Ancient Apparition quite highly. When OG went up against LGD, they decided to first pick the Magnus to take it away from LGD. However, that did not work for OG and they ended up losing 2-0, ending their run at TI7. As for Team Liquid, KuroKy- decided to take a different approach – Give LGD their Magnus and use that to his advantage. In game 1, the first phase bans by LGD were pretty straight forward. They removed the Io and Keeper of the Light from the hands of Maroun 'GH' Merhej, but that meant giving the Earthshaker to Liquid with the first pick. KuroKy- chose to ban out the Ancient Apparition and Night Stalker, leaving both Eleven's Magnus and Victoria's Kunkka in the pool. As expected, LGD snagged them up as their first two picks. I believe that KuroKy- has already anticipated this whole portion of the draft as he picked up the Necrophos.
A sneak peek into the brilliant mind of Liquid.KuroKy- A sneak peek into the brilliant mind of Liquid.KuroKy- Reviewed by Jesi Max on 09:16 Rating: 5

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