Bulldog’s TI dream might be over

AdmiralBulldog, looking to make a triumphant return to The International in a new English Talent role, has been denied access into the US. As The International 2017 is set to get under way in just over a day, teams, players and talent are all making their way to Seattle. For the unlucky some, the journey is not as easy, even though Visa issues were mostly unheard of at this iteration of the event. While Team Empire have a player, whose passport has not been returned, Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg has been denied access to the United States for an unconfirmed reason.

According to David “Godz” Parker, what has most likely occurred is that Bulldog attempted to enter the country on what is a tourist Visa and thus was denied due to the working nature of his visit. Bulldog was set to be part of the English Broadcast talent at the prestigious event, alongside his ex-TI winning teammate, Joakim "Akke" Akterhall, but now it seems as though he won’t make a showing. Henrik has released his official recollection of what transpired and why he was refused entry into the US which can be seen via a link on his Twitter. What this means is that unfortunately for everyone looking forward to Bulldog being there, he won't be making it to TI this year. But at least this could mean that in the future Valve could give the players and casters some clarity when it comes to traveling to the US and avoid situations like this coming up.
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