HellRaisers' and Fnatic's TI7 journey ends in the Group Stage

The final day of The International 2017 Group Stage would see two teams being eliminated, one from each group – while the rest of the teams took shape in anticipation of the Main Event. Group A saw Team Liquid and LGD.Gaming claim their spot at the top of the Group, which secured their spots in the Upper Bracket of the Main Event. The two teams were quickly joined by Evil Geniuses. Team Empire finished all their games in the previous three days and secured themselves a definite showing at the Main Event, albeit in the Lower Bracket. Group A also saw Infamous and Invictus Gaming Vitality claim their spots for the Main Event as well.


Infamous were able to take a game off iG.V, which ensured them their spot - but unfortunately, a team had to be left behind and it was Fnatic in this group who were unable to make the cut. The game against EG wouldn’t even be needed to decide the fate of the Malaysian team, who slipped to the bottom of the group and were eliminated from TI7. A similar fate awaited Hellraisers in Group B who would see their TI7 journey cut short. While Cloud 9 and HR were set to be the deciding match up for elimination, it was avoided as C9 put on an amazing performance and 2-0'ed Digital Chaos. In the past few days teams such as Execration, Newbee, iG and LGD.Forever Young banned out the Arc Warden when going up against C9, but DC let it slip through and we saw EE-Sama absolutely destroy them with the Arc Warden “rat” strategy. While the Group Stage still continues tonight, all teams remaining will be going through to Monday’s Main Event and we look forward to seeing The International 2017 really heat up in both the Upper and Lower Brackets. For the teams eliminated, Hellraisers and Fnatic, we hope to see them return and show us their worth in the upcoming Majors, Minors, and other Dota 2 tournaments after TI7.
HellRaisers' and Fnatic's TI7 journey ends in the Group Stage HellRaisers' and Fnatic's TI7 journey ends in the Group Stage Reviewed by Jesi Max on 20:53 Rating: 5

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