LFY undisputed leaders of TI 7 Group B

LFY continues to shock and awe with their flawless performances and staggering 10:0 record to take the lead in TI 7 Group B at the end of day 2. It was little surprise to see the top four frontrunners of the theTI 7 Group B include LGD Forever Young, Virtus.Pro and OG. What was surprising were two things; LFY's invincibility so far and Cloud 9's lamentable 1:7 record so far tying them for the bottom rung. Arguably Cloud 9 has faced the most difficult opponents in the group - all of the top four which is also rounded out with Newbee assuming the second place position. The revitalized version of the infamous second place c9 squad were able to take one game off the CIS giants - Virtus.Pro to themselves on the map finally, but the repercussion's of such a mentally grueling schedule of opponents can easily make the next two days rougher seas to navigate through. On the other side of the spectrum is LFY. Despite a rocky start to their journey to Seattle with visa woes initially playing on their mind, threatening to end the dreams of Du "Monet" Peng and He "Inflame" Yongzheng, the stress seems to have either been put behind them or fueled their fire.

Not one team has been able to penetrate their defenses or exploit any weakness so far - a worrisome sign for opponents going into the main brackets soon. The Chinese team demonstrates superior team fights, strategic plans in laning, stellar decision making skills and mechanical prowess. These juggernauts spanked the CIS favorites 17:3 in only 15 minutes of game play and left fans wondering what they had eaten for breakfast. The ill effects from their loss may have lingered with VP as they headed into their next match against Cloud 9 and surrendered the NA's only win for the day to them. But they quickly regained their composure and took the second game from them and then sounded the horns for their triumphant return knocking down OG in a tidy 2:0 sweep highlighting flawless performances by Roman 'RAMZES666' Kushnarev and Vladimir "No[o]ne" Minenko. Lastly, HellRaisers continue to struggle to find their footing and be on par with the rest of their peers in the group. The team started the day finding a win in their first series against Execration but were crushed by OG in the following series and then were overpowered by Digital Chaos to close out their day. With four more series still to go, they could pull themselves out of the slump but facing Virtus.Pro and Newbee next will be a daunting task for anyone.
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