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If they sink the Sunny, One Piece 874 Chapter Scenario the strawhats will just hijack one of Bigmom's own ship and become much harder to detect. In my opinion, while Bigmom's raw power is what made her a Yonkou, it's quite clear that Katakuri is the brains that allowed her crew to become so successful. As for Pudding, it was already guessed by many here including me that her alignment has changed to the Strawhats.

The Strawhats crew already opened recruiting season with Jimbei and despite some people not liking it I think Pudding will join then too. Pudding's tribe's connection to the Voice of All Things is a plot thread that links to a central part of the lore. Even if Robin can read the phoneglyps, we cannot understand their creation without finding out what the VoAT is, how it works and where does it come from. As for Nami winning Zeus, I think it's somewhat out of the left field.

I just can't grasp where Oda is going with this arc. There are 2 scenarios:
1) Strawhats escape, in which case all of what's going on in last several chapters are unnecessary and adds no value to the story, because they did a lot of damage to BM and world will learn about it anyway, huge news and all that. We could have been already reading the Wano arc at this point, if they just escape in the end, which would disappointing.
2) Strawhats defeat bigmom, which is highly unlikely and why/how would they fight now if they couldn't fight before? This would now be a total ass pull and also unnecessary, because we could have a fight at a tea party climaxing with tamatebako explosion.

It feels like Oda changed his mind about this arc couple of chapters ago, first he showed us Luffy is nowhere near Strawhat in terms of power, and now he makes this pursuit, which we could totally avoid and move on from this god damn arc, in the end Strawhats will escape, why make a fucking cake cooking show and pursuit out of this? Feels irrelevant, almost like a filler.
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