One Piece Chapter 875 Spoiler - True Feelings

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  • While crying Pudding begs Chiffon for help so she can save Sanji and the Straw Hats.
  • Chiffon reconsiders but is doubtful if they could even take the cake to Big Mom.
  • Pudding says Brulee's mirror ability should be able to teleport it to her.
  • Also after the cake is made I will help you escape this island.
  • Bege shouts out how can we trust you? Your one of them, this might just be a trap for all we know.
  • Chiffon looks at Pudding's eye and decides to help her after all.

Pages 4-7
  • Right before their eye, King Baum got burnt to a crisp by Prometheus.
  • Nami looks at King Baum way and is seen crying and yells out his name as tears run down her face.
  • Zeus is beneath Prometheus and looking chill as ever.
  • Luffy and the others are seen running toward Sunny, Jinbe is carrying a saddened Nami.
  • Big Mom looks at the Straw Hat's as they run toward Thousand Sunny. Suddenly she runs at full speed after them.
  • Pedro warns them that she is coming.
  • Luffy says at this rate she will catch up unless we do something, he tells Sanji and the others to run ahead.
Pages 8-10
  • Katakuri senses that the Straw Hat's are close to the ship.
  • He tells the solider to get ready to greet them.
  • Brulee is seen from distance smiling disgustingly happy and says she can't wait to see their reaction.
  • Katakuri looks at where Bigmom is and looks worried for some reason.
Pages 11-13
  • Judge is seen without his mask. A third eye is revealed.
  • He wakes up after a bit of rest and looks around.
  • All of the Vinsmokes excluding Sanji is surrounding him.
  • Judge says so it's been found out.
  • He explains the situation to his children and tells them what to do next.
Pages 14-16
  • Luffy and Big Mom is shown in a big spread.
  • Luffy goes into G4 wasting no time.
  • Big Mom shouts "WEDDING CAKE".
  • Luffy blows up more air after G4, his hands are twice as big now.
  • He flies at a high speed up in the air, several meters.
  • He flung both his hands toward his back and shoots at a very high speed.
  • Big Mom takes it head on and most if not the whole seducing woods get split in half.
  • Luffy shouts out "LEO KING BAZOOKA"
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