Team Empire find themselves a Resolut1on

With The International 2017 coming our way tomorrow, Team Empire player Vladmir “Chappie” Kuzmenko might not make it to Seattle in time for the start of the event. Visa issues have always been a horrible aspect for all teams and players attempting to get to The International, but this year it seemed to all change with most players having a fairly smooth ride into Seattle. However, even though Vladmir “Chappie” Kuzmenko of Team Empire was able to get his Visa in due time, he is still awaiting the return of his passport from the embassy. Until such a time that it does return, he will be unable to leave for Seattle and with only a day left, this is cutting it fine.

If Chappie receives his passport and reaches Seattle before the start of the games tomorrow, Team Empire will have their full roster and be able to play normally. However, if he does not receive his passport, Roman “Resolut1on” Fomynok will play as his stand in until Chappie can make it to the prestigious event – at which point he will return to the roster. Roman, who was already in Seattle and ready to enjoy his time at TI as part of the Russian broadcast team, has happily rejoined his former squad in their time of need. Resolut1on was part of the Team Empire roster up until early in 2016, when he took his leave and joined Digital Chaos. During his time with Empire, the team secured some great victories at a lot of smaller Dota 2 events, such as StarLadder StarSeries Season 11. But it wasn’t until he joined Digital Chaos last year that Resolut1on saw success on the big stage as he helped his team to a 2nd place finish at TI6 and the top honors at ESL One Genting in the early stages of 2017. Roman now plays for Planet Odd, which is the same DC team, but now under a new organization. We hope that Chappie receives his passport and can make it in time to join his team for the opening games at The International 2017 tomorrow.
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