TI 7 group stage: LGD Forever Young uncontested leaders in Group B

The first day of group stage matches for the teams seeded in group B finished a little faster, as their group had fewer series scheduled than group A. OG vs Cloud 9 and Virtus.Pro vs Digital Chaos were the opening matchups of Group B. Two completely different series, with drafts and strategies that had almost nothing in common with each other, made group B extremely interesting to watch as the TI 7 meta was developing. In the OG vs Cloud 9 series, the four times Major champions went with two drafts meant to shine towards the late game while EE-sama tried to impose a fast paced tempo with ganking oriented line-ups. In both of the games Cloud 9 had a very good laning stage, managed to pressure OG’s TI debutant Anathan 'ana' Pham in the mid lane hard enough to think that they actually got the game under control, but in doing so, they somewhat lost track of Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein farm progress. In game one he played a Phantom Lancer which in the late game coupled with Ana’s Templar Assassin, became unstoppable even during the high ground defense, while in game two, N0tail gave a lot of troubles to C9 with a carry Pugna. Unfortunately for Cloud 9, the story repeated against Newbee as well, and they ended day one with 0 wins and 0 points.

While the OG vs Cloud 9 series summed up to a total of two hours, the Virtus.Pro vs Digital Chaos delivered the fastest game so far. VP sealed the deal in game one in just 22 minutes with an impeccable Faceless Void execution from Roman 'RAMZES666' Kushnarev. Game two was a bit more contested but again VP’s young carry made the difference with a dominant Sven. Despite the depressing loss against VP, Digital Chaos returned completely refreshed for their matchup against OG and managed to take the first game from the European favorites with very aggressive maneuvers from the early laning stage to the end of the game. The 10K MMR mid laner, Abed 'Abed' Yusop had a marvelous performance on Queen of Pain, and along Mason 'mason' Venne managed to completely shut down OG’s Chaos Knight. However, OG didn’t allow the NA team to take a second win and put up an impressive game two where they made a spectacular comeback. Digital Chaos vs OG game two was by far one the most exciting game from Group B and if you missed the action we encourage you to take the time to watch the replay. With Virtus Pro also ending up with a draw score against Execration, LGD Forever Young are now the only undefeated team in Group B after the first day of matches. The Chinese were lucky enough to have had only two series scheduled on day one - against the two underdogs of the group, HellRaisers and Execration. None of these two teams gave them serious problems, but day two should be, at least in theory, a little bit more difficult for LFY as they will face Virtus Pro.
TI 7 group stage: LGD Forever Young uncontested leaders in Group B TI 7 group stage: LGD Forever Young uncontested leaders in Group B Reviewed by Jesi Max on 06:59 Rating: 5

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