TI7 Group Stage Day 3; Team Liquid remain leaders of the pack in Group A

With TI7 Group Stage Day 3 closing out, Team Liquid continue to be the Group A leaders with LGD Gaming right on their heels heading into the last day. The bulk of the games are behind the teams now, only one series remains between them and their final seeding appointment. For Team Liquid and LGD a guaranteed upper bracket placement is secured, but top seed is still up for grabs later tonight. Evil Geniuses and TnC Pro will attempt to tighten their grasp on their place in the top, while Team Secret and iG.Vitality will be hoping to claw their way out of the lower brackets and usurp a rival for the high road in the main event. Infamous is dangerously close to the drop off cliff - a place that Fnatic currently occupies as they stare at the face of elimination. Both Team Liquid and LGD were hoping to secure the top seed, but each ended the day with a 3:1 record to keep things even keel between them. While LGD were able to sweep through Infamous in a blink of an eye, they conceeded a win to Evil Geniuses - being no match for a perfectly played Visage by Artour "Arteezy" Babaev. Team Liquid struggled against a phenomal performance by Carlo "Kuku" Palad on Queen of Pain, who claimed the win off the European frontrunners.


TnC and Evil Geniuses are currently next in line and tied for the third place positions and a spot in the upper brackets. Teetering on the edge, either or both of the teams can be knocked down with a sweep by Team Secret or iG.Vitality. Team Secret have had some spectacular moments and strong performances, but are facing Team Liquid - a tough nut to crack. iG.Vitality are coming into the day a bit more hopeful as they will face off against the Peruvians, who have struggeled to remain on par with their TI counterparts. Potentially fans may be able to get some extra innings if the winds are blowing just right for Team Secret and iG.Vitality to knock it out of the park. If there is a tie along the upper and lower bracket divider or between the lower bracket and elimination divider, more games will be played. Fnatic, for one, will be keeping a close eye on which way the wind blows. One series stands between them and Infamous with a potential for a changing of the guard or a forced tie breaker. Fnatic's performance and results in the TI7 Group Stage has been shocking. The Malaysian based team had a strong finish in the SEA qualifiers ending in second place with a 7:2 score. They then cruised through the upper brackets with consecutive sweeps over Execration and Clutch Gamers for one of three spots allocated to the region. TI7 Group Stage action will conclude tonight with a shorter day of competition ahead. The action will kick off with Group B at 09:00 PDT/18:00 CEST followed by the deciding series for Group A and then the final series of the stage with Group B's last matches. Sunday August 6th will be a day off for the teams as they prepare for the main event scheduled for Monday, August 7th.
TI7 Group Stage Day 3; Team Liquid remain leaders of the pack in Group A TI7 Group Stage Day 3; Team Liquid remain leaders of the pack in Group A Reviewed by Jesi Max on 21:01 Rating: 5

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