Timado parts ways with Infamous Gaming

The rising Peruvian star, Enzo "Timado" Gianoli, has parted ways with Infamous Gaming in the post TI shuffle. As the first South American team to grace the stage of The International, the team fared better than most critics originally thought and advanced to the main event. Narrowly escaping the group stage, just ahead of the dismal results of Fnatic, the team had the unfortunate luck to be seeded into the brutal one game elimination series against OG.

Ultimately the team took 13-16th place at The International 2017. The cracks in the Peruvian team's structure are now starting to split open. Holding his own and creating a name for himself Timado had caught the attention of the global audience in his brief time in the International spotlight, tho local fans will claim he'd always been a rising star. At only 16 years old, his future is quite bright and many have speculated he would be the first to leave the team for greener pastures of perhaps even another region. The organization has not made any official announcements. Additional departures or reports of a replacement have yet to be set, while Timado's new venture still remains unrevealed.
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