SexyBamboe joins HellRaisers

Despite announcing no roster changes at first, HellRaisers lost their carry player, Uroš 'Swiftending' Galić at the beginning of this week. With no comment on Swiftending’s departure from the team, HellRaisers announced Alaan 'SexyBamboe' Faraj joining their ranks assuming the offlane role, while Neta '33' Shapira will be moving to the carry position. `I'm very grateful to get the opportunity to play for HellRaisers and to play with my ex-teammate 33 again. It's going to be fun to play offlane again.” - Alaan 'SexyBamboe' Faraj. As one of the scene veterans, SexyBamboe has played for a lot of teams in the past, including Evil Geniuses back in 2013, and the Korean Team Zephyr in 2014.

Through the past two years, SexyBamboe teamed up with Martin 'Saksa' Sazdov at 4 Clover & Lepricon and with Yazied 'YapzOr' Jaradat at Mamas Boys, teams that skyrocketed these two players’ careers. Most recently, SexyBamboe joined Pittner 'bOne7' Armand’s efforts to revive the Kaipi spirit and this is the place where he actually got to meet Neta '33' Shapira for the first time. Ahead of TI7, SexyBamboe moved to the Southeast Asia and played for the Malaysian based team Geek Fam. Unfortunately, they lost the battle for the Seattle tickets in the SEA qualifiers and SexyBamboe returned home. His new teammates from HellRaisers start the new season after they delivered a huge surprise in the European qualifiers for TI7 where they won it all from open brackets to the grand finals of regionals as Team Dog. Shortly after their qualifiers upset, the line-up was signed by HellRaisers. The International 2017 was the first big event for all the team members and unfortunately, they got eliminated in the event group stage. But that was just the beginning for them and we should surely expect to see more of HellRaisers in the upcoming Minors and Majors.
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