Evil Geniuses Silence VGJ.Thunder

For Evil Geniuses to prove that they remain a top tier team, they needed to take care of business against “lesser” teams such as VGJ.Thunder. And while their second go-round wasn’t exactly a drubbing, it was pretty close to it. In Game 1, the boys in blue went up against Liu ‘Sylar’ Jiajun and his Anti-Mage. Knowing full well what Sylar was capable of on the hero, Syed Sumail ‘SumaiL’ Hassan, who was already playing an unconventional pick for him in Monkey King, made the decision to match Sylar with a Battle Fury of his own.

The Battle Fury pickup proved very effective. And, coupled with a Gem of True Sight pickup mid-game to counter VGJ.Thunder’s warding positions allowed Evil Geniuses to come back from a slight deficit early game. As Evil Geniuses’ heroes started to come online, VGJ.Thunder tried their best to buy space for Sylar to farm. But, to no avail, as the constant rotations and the early gem pickup made it seem like Evil Geniuses were everywhere at once. VGJ.Thunder then tried to go for an all-in push near the end of the game. However, a controversial pause turned into a botched team fight on their side and they lost the game soon after. In Game 2, Evil Geniuses started to show their potential once and if everything clicks. With the entire laning phase going in their favor, Evil Geniuses risky cheese strat of picking Visage and Drow Range, as well as two more ranged heroes, allowed them to snowball and never look back. In just 21 minutes, Evil Geniuses were able to force out a GG with a hefty 20K gold lead in hand.
Evil Geniuses Silence VGJ.Thunder Evil Geniuses Silence VGJ.Thunder Reviewed by Jesi Max on 22:55 Rating: 5

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