Immortals Take Down Team Secret

After a relatively quick series against Infamous, the stage was set for a rematch between Immortals and Team Secret. Facing the threat of elimination, Team Secret decided to cheese Game 1 with a last pick Meepo for Marcus ‘Ace’ Hoelgaard. Although Immortals tried their best to contain the micro-intensive hero early in the game, Team Secret played perfectly around Ace; an easy Roshan kill for Ace mid game swung the momentum completely in their favor and by 33 minutes, Team Secret were already marching into Immortal’s base. In Game 2, Immortals would bounce back behind Lee ‘Forev‘ Sang-don on Bounty Hunter and Kim ‘Febby’ Yong-min on Night Stalker.

Bounty Hunter’s ultimate skill, Track, allowed Immortals to maintain a healthy gold lead despite spending most of their time ganking. At the same time, the extra gold bonus gave Febby’s Night Stalker a chance to pick up a relatively quick Aghanim’s Scepter. With Kim ‘QO’ Seon-yeop absolutely massive on his Monkey King, the rest of Team Secret stood no chance as the Koreans came barreling into their base 38 minutes into the game. In the series clincher, Immortals showcased some newfound versatility. Instead of sporting the usual ultra-aggressive playstyle most fans have come to associate them with, they instead started prioritizing objectives over kills. The sudden shift in style caught many of the audiences off guard, and most likely, Team Secret too. The decision would pay off for Immortals; their patience allowed them to deprive Team Secret of their farm and dared them to put all of their faith in Ace’s Terrorblade, who never got the space he needed to take over the game.
Immortals Take Down Team Secret Immortals Take Down Team Secret Reviewed by Jesi Max on 22:47 Rating: 5

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