One Piece Chapter 882 Raw and Release Date

The upcoming manga 882 of One Piece will feature the ongoing serious battle Mugiwara vs Dogtooth. The fans are expecting that their favorite hero mugiwara will win the fight and save his life. But, they are also in a dilemma if and how Luffy would be able to outshine Katakuri. Some reports suggest that Big Mom’s son is going to be surprised soon in One Piece 882. After knowing that his Straw Hats pirates are safe, Luffy broke the mirror. He seemed happy that his comrades are still safe and he broke the mirror to discontinue his communication with Nami.

Then, he told Katakuri that he is going to lose his life inside a mirror world created by Brulee. Katakuri is one of the three commanders of Big Mom and believed to be the strongest of them. It is being speculated that Luffy will undergo an awakening this time. But, how will it take place is yet to be known. The history shows that it has already taken place once earlier. There are expectations that this ‘awakening’ will boost Luffy’s powers and attacks. Another report says that Luffy is working on Gear 5 technique. It will, probably, boost his power and thus break down the power differences between the two. There are many speculations and one of them says that Luffy can develop Gear 4 which should be enough to counter the attacks of Katakuri. It is also possible that Luffy gets successful in discovering Katakuri’s weakness. Luffy may utilize it to defeat his foe. Fans believe that he will use mochi, which is like food, as a target. He will attack with some fire or heat power in form of his famous and improved attack, Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk. This would nullify the mochi-based powers of Katakuri.
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