Visa issues strike again; HappyFeet to miss ESL One Hamburg Major

We won't be able to attend ESL One Hamburg 2017 because of Visa issues. We tried our best to secure our visas but still, it was up to the final decision of the German Embassy. Time constraints and several issues came up while we were processing our visas. Then again, we would like to thank Senator Bam Aquino and his team for trying their best to get us through, Games and Amusements Board for issuing the players their licenses and endorsing the team and to everyone who supported us through thick and thin!The 2017-2018 season has just started, We will use this as a motivation to get stronger. The SEA region historically has encountered numerous visa issues in the past.

Last year for TI6 Execration and TnC Gaming had their visas initially rejected and only approved in the final hours with active assistance coming in from Valve and Senator Bam Aquino (the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce, and Entrepreneurship and the Senate Committee on Youth, in the Philippines). In July of 2017 Clutch Gamers missed the Dota Summit 7 when the team was denied visas. In effort to avoid these continued problems for TI7 the Games and Amusements Board of Republic of the Philippines (GAB) awarded both TnC and Execration professional sports licenses that gave the players elevated status as athletes. According to the information, it seems that HappyFeet has now also been awarded the license, but not in enough time to obtain their visas. HappyFeet had upset the SEA region for the Major spot after wiping out Clutch Gamers 3:0. A replacement team has yet to be announced by ESL One, but with the continued visa issues that bar teams entry and the short time frame, most likely the replacement team will need to be selected from one of the licensed or is currently in possession of valid visas.
Visa issues strike again; HappyFeet to miss ESL One Hamburg Major Visa issues strike again; HappyFeet to miss ESL One Hamburg Major Reviewed by Jesi Max on 22:46 Rating: 5

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