7.07 Update - The Dueling Fates

Announced nearly two months ago, during TI7, The Dueling Fates patch that introduces two new heroes and a bunch of other shiny things is finally arriving on the 1st of November.

With a Minor set to commence on the 2nd of November, and with plenty of notes to go through, Valve released the full patch notes, including the name of the two brand new heroes and their abilities. One displaying great abilities for a new core and one ready to enter the supports side most likely, Pangolier and Dark Willow are your two new Dota 2 heroes. But the Dueling Fates changes are massive and cover the entire game aspects. Map changes, especially on the Dire side, reworked game mechanics, attributes rescales, removed unique attack modifiers, neutrals behavior changes, plenty of item changes, including the addition of five new ones and the removal from the game of Iron Talon and Poor Man's Shield, all heroes talent trees redesign, a few extremely interesting hero reworks, Roshan illusion interactions and his item drops changes, and this only covers the big parts of the patch.

Apart from all these changes, one feature that the community asked for since December 2013 when Matchmaking Rating was firstly introduced has finally arrived.

Seasonal MMR is here, which means two weeks after the patch release date, everyone will lose their current MMR and will have to recalibrate at the beginning of each new season. At the end of each 6 months season, all the players will earn a medal based on their achieved MMR. The current medal, as well as the previous season's medal, will be displayed to all players before each match. The Dueling Fates is already available in the Dota 2 test client and we highly recommend that you play it before the patch hits the deck, which is on the 1st of November
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