LeBron Dota rounds out Na'Vi roster

Just in time for the roster lock, Na'Vi has finalized their lineup with LeBron Dota. On the heels of one of the most suprising roster shuffles of the season, Na'Vi is hoping to put all the drama behind them and make a serious run for TI8 qualifying points in the next several weeks. Finalizing their roster, adding longtime Serbian player Nikola 'LeBronDota' Popović, will now be the only non Ukrainian player on the team. The 28 year old aspiring player has been a stable fixture in the European team for some time, playing for Double Dimension, Elements Pro Gaming and previously been seen as a sub for Na'Vi. Finally this day has come, my dreams have come true! I was playing dota for a while, but the first tournament I watched was TI1, and I felt in love with NAVI. I have never heard of them before, or about any other pro players before TI, for that matter.

After watching how NAVI dominated and won the tournament with so much passion I became a huge fan and I dreamt of playing with them. Even though this dream seemed unrealistic at the time, I was still hoping that I can make it. It doesn't matter how old you are — if you are working hard and commit everything you can, I am sure you can make the dreams come true! As a big fan of NAVI I know what fans expect and that's being back on top, and I can assure you that we will try our best to make it happen! I want to thank the organization and the players for believing in me. LeBron will be joining the team for their bootcamp in Kiev in just a few days. From there, he will make his LAN debut with the iconic organization immediately after at ESL Katowice Major on February 20th, then will head over to Romania for PGL Bucharest Major for March 4 and then to Jakarta for GESC: Indonesian Minor March 15th.
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