One Piece 900- A Shocking Strawhats Demise

Monkey D. Luffy may not have known it, but Big Mom has always been fated to be a big issue for him. The Yonko may not be a fearsome as Black Beard or as chic as Shanks, but Big Mom is every inch as powerful. And, if these new spoilers are right, then One Piece is about to remind the Straw Hat crew of how strong the pink-loving lady is. Earlier today, social media was flooded with summaries of One Piece’s next chapter. Weekly Shonen Jump will hit a series milestone with the manga as its one piece 900th chapter is about to go live.

The special release will catch up with Luffy’s gang as they try to escape Big Mom, but it looks like her forces may spell the end for the Thousand Sunny. Over on Reddit, one summary by Yonkou Productions gave a sneak-peek at how devastating chapter 900 will be. It seems Big Mom will restore his power after eating the cake which Sanji made awhile back, and the pick-me-up will get the Yonko going again. Even with the Sun Pirates and the Germa 66 backing the Straw Hats, the gang will come into trouble when a massive ship on Big Mom’s side blasts through the Thousand Sunny with a canon. “A canon opens fire on the sunny seemingly obliterating it the only thing left is the Straw hat flag in tatters floating on the sea,” the summary explains. 0comments Of course, fans are having a hard time believing that the Thousand Sunny will end just like that. The vessel may just be a ship, but One Piece has always given the Straw Hats’ ships attention. When the Going Merry was laid to rest, the emotional moment was laid out in a tear-jerking chapter of its own, so a sudden loss would be strange for the Thousand Sunny. For now, fans are hoping the chapter’s explosive ending is thanks to a mirage or hallucination of some sort. So, here’s to hoping the Straw Hats don’t have to build a new ship.
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