One Piece Chapter 896 Spoilers : The Last Wish

So, Luffy finally won I guess. One Piece 896 is out! I mean it was bound to happen for him to be the last man standing. I love the gesture of Luffy covering Katakuri's mouth with a hat to protect Katakuri's secret from others and only letting him do it himself to reveal it to them in future if he decided to. However, I really really didn't think that there should have been a cliche dialog between Luffy and Katakuri at the end. I think what would have been awesome is if Oda made all of that thing happen without saying a single word. Where he first shows Luffy on the ground at the hole, while Katakuri standing breathing hard, then we have a flashback from Katakuri's perspective about the clash where Luffy dodges his attack at the last second, and Luffy lands the hit, we get back to present time and Katakuri falls on his back and knocked out unconscious finally, and Luffy climbs up, he walks towards Katakuri and puts the hat on his mouth and walks away.
That would have been a hundred times better than having Luffy and Katakuri have those cringe last dialog shit that some opponents do with the main character, cause to tell you the truth, I don't like them haha. Just show the scene, and no words are needed for us to understand what is happening.

Anyway, what I don't understand is the whole last wish. Is it her taking off the cigarette for a kiss? or is it to make Sanji quit smoking?

Also, one last thing, Katakuri's dialog kinda hints to Luffy not clashin with Big Mom this current arc. So, I'll be the first to admit that Luffy or SHs combined are not gonna take down Big Mom this arc. However, I'm still sticking to the idea that Big Mom will fall this arc, and that is because my biggest bet was not Luffy himself or with his crew fighting her at the end, but rather my biggest bet was counting on Stussy to bring CP0 from the moment Big Mom pirates defenses were exposed and the wedding was ruined by SHs. CP0 has been trying to take out Big Mom for over 50 years haha, I really think them getting involved in the final moments of this arc is bound to happen to remove Big Mom from the picture.
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