PGL Bucharest Major open matches revealed

PGL Bucharest Major will kick off on Sunday, March 4th with all 16 teams competing in the opening round of best-of-one series. PGL Bucharest Major will begin with a closed group stage at the PGL offices between March 4-7. The Group Stage will feature a Swiss Tournament format, which translates into one 4-day stream of all the Bo1s played, one match at a time.

All 16 teams will begin the battle, locking horns with their opponents in their first best-of-one series. Winners will be separated from the losers for the second day of matches. As the days continue to progress, teams will begin to be eliminated starting from the third day until only 8 teams are left standing. The action will then move to Polyvalent Hall to be played in front of a live audience from March 9-11th. The Main Event will be single elimination brackets ending with a five game series for the Grand Finals. Only the top eight teams will see any share of the $1,000,000 prize pool and as usual, only the top four teams will split the 1500 DPC points. The first day match ups have been decided as each team's fate for their group stage journey will be determined based on their initial results.
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