BTS presents the first ever BOT International

BTS has once again taken memes and tournaments to the next level. This year, the fun-loving studio that delivers fans in-house and casual tournaments, as well as off-the-beaten-track content and productions, will be hosting the first ever BOT International.

The game client BOTs are an integral part of most player's learning experience on some level — whether its testing new ideas, patch updates, learning a new hero, practicing a skill or even just playing alone sometimes. That said, why shouldn't Brad BOT be able to compete just like anyone else?

“We are excited and proud to announce Bot TI, a meme event where we determine which Dota hero is best. And by best we mean which Dota hero's easy bots win a teamfight against other Dota heroes easy bots.

This event may be simultaneously the stupidest and most important event of the year. Five copies of each hero will run at each other and teamfight. Matches last 30 seconds and are Best-of-3 (Game 1 bots are level 5, Game 2 level 15, Game 3 level 25) with skills and items that are most commonly skilled in pubs (DotaBuff).”

Hyped? Ready for more? You can even get involved in creating your own BOT Fantasy team, making predictions and following the brackets and progress HERE.

BOTS International Format

The event will run from a few a day at the TI Qualifier Hub, and then more until the final 16 (Bot TI Main Event) July 14-15. All matches will be broadcast in English on the BTS Twitch Channel HERE

        All matches are 5 of one hero vs 5 of another hero in one big teamfight
        First game level 5 with Ironwood Branches only
        Second game level 15 with 10k gold budget
        Third game level 25 with 20k gold budget

        Bracket is seeded by hero win rate from DOTABUFF
        Single elimination until round of 16
        Double elimination from round of 16 on
        All matches are Bo3

    Additional Rules
        Skill builds will be most commonly skilled but with custom logic (i.e. no CM aura, or Lich Sacrifice, since it's one teamfight)
        Talents will be chosen by most popular, with custom logic (i.e. no XP or GPM talents since it's one teamfight)
        Talents will be 7.07 talents (more recent talents bug out the bots)
        Black King Bar cannot be purchased
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