One Piece Chapter 909 Prediction : The World Council Debates

Chapter 909 of One Piece begins in the City of Marijoa (where the Celestial Dragons reside), as Roswald and Charlos are coming back home. Upon arriving to their mansion, Roswald orders some slave masters to lock Kuma up in the underground slave depot, and then hurries to Charlos's side as several doctors attend to his wounds. In the meantime, using Morley's powers, the Revolutionaries reach the slave depot through the underground, and emerge from a wall before taking out the slave masters and freeing Kuma. However, the slave still has his exploding collar, and the key is nowhere to be found. All of a sudden, Bonney comes downstairs with the key in tow : she infiltrated Roswald's mansion too, and successfully snatched the key away. After taking the exploding collar off, all six of them leave thanks to Morley's powers.

After moving elsewhere, Sabo enquires who Bonney is, as he didn't recognised her at first. Bonney introduces herself as the former princess of the Solbe Kingdom, and as Kuma's daughter. She then tells them the tragic story of the Solbe Kingdom, how Kuma resolved to join the Warlords and how he later became the World Government's puppet (through flashbacks).

Meanwhile, within Pangaea Castle, the meeting is still ongoing. As the king of Lulusia tells the audience that a rebellion occurred in his country after the Revolutionary Army intervened there, most kings deem them as a dangerous threat to the world's balance, and ask for military support from the Navy. The discussion gradually shifts from Dragon to Sabo, with Stelly being shocked to learn about his adoptive brother, and then to Luffy. A lot of royals are worried about his recent growth in power, and Wapol is especially virulent against him, advocating that the 3 Admirals and the 9 Cipher Pols must be sent after him. However, Dalton, Cobra, Neptune and Riku are quick to retaliate, and praise Luffy for saving their respective countries. Cobra then asks Ham Burger for the right to speak, to which the chairman agrees. Cobra is revealed to be a genius when it comes to rethoric, and makes a speech that convinces the majority to his side : the Warlords system must be abolished. Elsewhere in the castle, Fujitora is seen listening to the king's speech with his Color of Observation Haki, and gives a satisfied grin.

What's the reason behind such hatred towards the Seven Warlords?!...
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