TI8 open qualifiers: Notable teams, format

The TI8 Open Qualifier teams are gearing up for the race towards the Main Regional Qualifiers. Over 6,100 teams from across the regions can register for each round of the TI8 Open Qualifiers.

There will be two separate opportunities for teams to advance in the Regional Qualifiers. Multiple teams from each of the six regions will advance to the Regional Qualifiers. The TI8 Open Qualifiers will take place between June 14-17th, followed by the Regional Qualifiers, scheduled for June 18th-25th.

All teams hoping to receive invites to the biggest event of the year were required to finalize and register their rosters by February 5th, in addition to obtaining a top 8 place in the DPC rankings. With this roster lock remaining in place until after The International 8 – the longest and most important one so far – many teams failed to keep their lineups intact and have forfeited any type of invites - direct or regional.

OG, Evil Geniuses, compLexity Gaming, VGJ.Storm, Alliance, Na'Vi, paiN Gaming, Infamous are some of the teams that have violated the roster lock requirements and were no longer eligible for invites to The International 8 or The International 8 Regional Qualifiers.

In compliance with Valve’s roster lock stipulations, teams that made changes to their registered rosters outside the transfer window have become forced to take the long, quivering road to The International 8, through the brutal best-of-one TI8 Open Qualifiers.

Valve has once again partnered up with FaceIT to host the TI8 Open Qualifiers for SEA, NA, SA, CIS and Europe. The Chinese TI8 Open Qualifiers will be hosted by Perfect World. All the information on notable contenders, schedule, format, and streams is wrapped up below.

The teams that win each round of TI8 Open Qualifiers in their respective geographical regions will advance to the Regional Qualifiers, which will take place starting June 18th. The progression of the teams can be monitored in the SEA brackets, EU brackets, CIS brackets, SA brackets and NA brackets during the course of the event.

The most anticipated tournament of the year for Dota 2 players and enthusiasts will head to Vancouver, Canada for the first time ever, this August. The International 8 group stage and main event are set to run August 14th, through Saturday, August 25th. The current prize pool is $13,886,048 and growing.

TI8 Open Qualifiers teams – notable contenders

This means that teams may be appearing in regions that are not what was expected per Valve approval.

There are some quite strong teams that are expected to create an atmosphere of fierce competition in the brutal best-of-one brackets where anything can happen.

TI8 Open Qualifiers teams – Europe (108 teams registered so far - 4 teams total will advance to regionals):

    Invictus Gaming X (March, QO, Reisen, Jeyo, Nutz)
    Team Pacani (formerly Going In/Penta)
    Team EPG
    War Dota2 (Forev, Kitrak, Milan, Ritsu, Bryle)
    London Esports (ComeWithMe)
    LOTV (Wagamama, Qupe, Eskillz)
    BlinkPool (Misery, Saksa, Khezu, Madara, Kaiser/Greg)
    No Bounty Hunter (Bone7, Arise, Akim)
    Planet Meow (SSaSpartan, Xcaliber, Eixn, Rajjix, Thug)
    Helsinki Reds
    Team Moriarity

TI8 Open Qualifiers teams – CIS (178 teams registered so far - 6 teams total will advance to regionals):

    Team Spirit
    Team Empire
    Team Espada
    Double Dimension
    Mega Lada Esports
    No Lifer5

TI8 Open Qualifiers teams – SA (86 teams registered so far - 6 teams total will advance to regional qualifiers):

    SG esports
    paiN Gaming
    Team GDV (Kyle, Fear, Timado, Greedy)

TI8 Open Qualifiers teams – NA (40 teams registered so far - 6 teams total will advance to regional qualifiers):

    Evil Geniuses
    compLexity Gaming
    LVT reunion (Jenkins, BSJ, Newsham, Sammyboy)

TI8 Open Qualifiers teams – SEA (143 teams registered so far - 5 teams total will advance to regionals):

    Entity Gaming
    TNC Tigers (1437, Kyxy)
    B_A_E (YamateH, Ohaiyo)
    Geek Fam
    TitanZ (Ryor, Jay)
    Happy Feet
    EVOS Esports

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