Bot TI all set for the main event; 16 heroes will compete

The preliminary rounds for the most important TI event of the month have concluded, producing 16 heroes that will compete in the double elimination playoffs this weekend.

Beyond The Summit's meme tournament has lived up to its hype, and then some. The filler show for the gap between the TI8 Qualifiers and TI8 Main Event has turned out to be the main centre of attraction, even overshadowing the BTS Summer Cup. Regardless, the tournament has not been without its fair share of controversies and questionable results. Heroes have been disqualified, items and abilities were banned and certain rounds had to be rerun.

After 11 gruelling days of intense rounds, these are the 16 heroes that have qualified to the playoffs:
Enigma     Undying     Elder Titan     Abaddon
Zeus     Dragon Knight     Sven     Shadow Shaman
Juggernaut     Bristleback     Luna     Warlock
Tidehunter     Bloodseeker     Phoenix     Kunkka
It doesn't come as a surprise to see that 9 out of the 16 heroes that have qualified are Strength heroes, allowing them to survive the initial blast of magical nukes that most of the successful heroes are capable of dealing. Heroes that had Blade Mail in their item builds were also very successful, forcing a new ruling to be made that only allowed the item to be purchased in the level 15 round.

One of the biggest upsets was the elimination of Spectre, the top seed of the tournament and a favourite to advance to the main event. She was eliminated by none other than Phoenix, who is surprisingly the bottom seed in the playoffs. However, this may simply have been due to tough matchups in the previous rounds.

A main point to note is the fact that both Leshrac and Terrorblade were eliminated from the tournament early on, due to the fact that their spells somehow bugged their opponents and stopped them from being able to cast any spells. Also, Wraith King's ultimate Reincarnation as well as Undying's talent for the same were prohibited due to their tendency to bug or crash the game. This was possibly a large factor in the former's elimination from the tournament.
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