OG on a Roll at TI8 Have Now Secured Top 6

The first best of three series of day two in The International 2018 Main Event featured a small grudge match for what happened back in March this year when Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok was suddenly removed from the OG line-up. Both Reso and OG had a very eventful DPC season after that, but it looks like both landed on their feet as they’ve managed to reach the upper bracket at TI8. In game one VGJ. Storm drafted for an early high ground push. They first picked Enchantress in the offlane to be played as a full core along Dragon Knight and a Jakiro, both great heroes for taking objectives fast. However, OG seemed to have read Storm’s intention from the very first pick and opened their own draft with Chen to counter the Enchantress, making sure they have the option to steal her the important units such as extra catapults.

At the same time they had a core Winter Wyvern for the creep wave clear and of course the powerful ultimate against lineups that push as five. And while Storm had Reso to carry on Weaver, OG picked Phantom Lancer for Anathan “ana” Pham, a decision that opened the game late scenario for them. As expected, Storm’s laning stage went flawless, Reso was absolutely wrecking his adversaries with multiple rotations from very early stages. By the eight-minute mark, he was already sitting on a Mega Kill streak and continued to dominate, with a Monster Kill streak at the 10-minute mark. Storm were doing so well that OG were forced to defend high ground only at the 12 minute into the game when everything looked almost lost. However, their great defensive mechanics were what got Storm in trouble and destabilized them. When they realized that the high ground push won’t go as smooth as they planed, Storm trapped themselves in delaying the game, waiting for Roshan kills which only helped OG’s PL. Ana was pretty much six slotted and was able to turn the game in his team’s favor from a 15K gold deficit. OG adopted the offensive, fast-paced Dota play style in game two and cornered Storm with a Lina – Troll Warlord attack speed combo, and a Chen whose main mission was to save the Troll if needed and pile up catapults for the high ground push. OG took the enemy mid lane tier tower after 22 minutes to secure megas within the next 10 minutes and with that a place in the upper bracket semi-finals next to the winner of Team Secret vs Evil Geniuses, series coming up next at the Rogers Arena.
OG on a Roll at TI8 Have Now Secured Top 6 OG on a Roll at TI8 Have Now Secured Top 6 Reviewed by Jesi Max on 07:23 Rating: 5

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