OG vs VGJ.Storm, Breaking Down the Macro Movement

The game of Dota has an incredible amount of raw information flowing through it. Nearly all of the heroes can be viable given the situation, there are tons of items, gold calculations, and draft permutations. So for this blog, I’ll focus solely on the macro movement of the game. Specifically in the second game of VGJ.S vs OG at TI8. To break it down, I’ll break the basic idea of how Dota works. So for instance, teams on the Radiant will eventually take the Dire side jungle and launch attacks from there. It is vice versa for the Dire side. As the Roshan pit is now in the top left, the radiant side is slightly favored in that sense. So when I was watching this game, the early game was secured in mid with JerAx getting the courier snipe. From that point, the OG team were able to break open the top and mid T1 towers. At the same time 7ckng was able to keep the bottom lane ta equilibrium, which I think was the point of the last pick Venomancer. He was using it to break the strategy of VGJ.S.

Not only does it run over Urza, but he also stalls out the 4-1 that Furion drafts want to setup. So after they secured the mid and top, this meant that a single mistake on the top side coud allow OG to take Roshan. This happened after they took out Urza in the Dire side jungle. They then get that Roshan and this means they have an advantage in the teamfight later. After choking out the dire side jungle, OG continued to contest Radiant Jungle. This means they can build an entire perimeter around the VGJ.S side. So VGJ.S are in a bad spot. If they break out to the top, OG can hit bot. If the go bot, they run into venomancer and with T1 up, thats an easy gank to setup for OG. If they do nothing, they eventually lose. So they went top, but this allowed OG to take both T1 and T2 bottom towers. The same concept applied when VGJ.Storm went down bottom and this allowed Topson to take the mid tower with Lina. So even though he dies, he helped break open the map even more, securing Roshan for OG even more. When you get to this point of the game, VGJ.S try to play a 4-1 or 3-2 split. However their second fork isn’t strong enough to create a threat that OG have to react to immediately. This means they can’t take the tempo of the game. So VGJ.S tried to fight their way back into the game as they needed about two teamwipes to swing the gold and exp enough to get themselves into the game. However OG started to read the moves and set 7ckngMad as bait at the bottom lane where they setup the perfect gank. By that point, even though VGJ.S were still good individually, it didn’t matter. OG had already put them in checkmate.
OG vs VGJ.Storm, Breaking Down the Macro Movement OG vs VGJ.Storm, Breaking Down the Macro Movement Reviewed by Jesi Max on 07:19 Rating: 5

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