Team Serenity’s TI8 Fairytale is Ended by OpTic Gaming

With the Upper Bracket over for the day at The International 2018 it was time to say goodbye to another team – Team Serenity or OpTic Gaming. OpTic had started off TI8’s Group Stages in a very shaky manner, but after that the team began to rally and after being in dead last at one stage of the groups, they made their way into the Upper Bracket – where Team Liquid were waiting to drop them down. Serenity, on the other hand, were hoping to continue their Cinderella story and if their fairytale were to advance, they’d need to get passed the North Americans. Game One went basically as expected; OpTic were definitely heavily favoured and they weren’t going to let the underdogs ruin their TI run.

With barely any mistakes and a perfect game from Quinn ‘CC&C’ Callahan’s Storm Spirit going 16-0-10, OpTic took just under 40 minutes to claim their first win in the series – leaving Serenity on the brink of elimination from TI8. Game two started a lot better for Serenity and they would need to make it work just to keep their TI8 hopes alive but it was Ludwig ‘zai’ Wahlberg’s Nyx Assassin who started to cause major issues for the Chinese team. His amazing positioning constantly set up kills for his team and Serenity just did not seem to have an answer to the Spiked Carapace ruining their fights. By just under 40 minutes again it was all OpTic and the GG call came out from Serenity, giving a 2-0 victory to the North Americans who move on in the Lower Bracket, while Serenity’s fairytale comes to an end and they are eliminated from TI8. The action is not over for today at The International 2018 as one more team will be eliminated in the next series between and Mineski. Can Mineski keep the SEA flag flying in Vancouver or will the CIS squad find their form and move forward – we’ll find out next. The winner will also be playing OpTic Gaming in the next round of Lower Bracket matches.
Team Serenity’s TI8 Fairytale is Ended by OpTic Gaming Team Serenity’s TI8 Fairytale is Ended by OpTic Gaming Reviewed by Jesi Max on 07:59 Rating: 5

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