The International 2018: Invictus Gaming

The most exciting thing about the Invictus Gaming roster is the reunification of Q and Agressif. Just like Sylla and his bear, the two struggled when separated. After their amazing TI5 run with CDEC, they bounced between teams until finally meeting up again in iG in February of this year. At TI7, iG surprised a lot of people and were the only team to beat Liquid in the brackets. Boboka’s Monkey King was feared and Xxs who played offlane showed us how to play Batrider. But as most of the Chinese teams, they fell apart after the tournament. Burning and OP left the team and it was back to struggling.

With Agressif joining the team did get a bit of breathing room and managed to become strong enough to qualify. Rebuilding the team hasn’t been quick or easy. The competition in China has been harder than ever this year and iG is one of its fatalities. They have struggled to get out of qualifiers and when they did they seemed to reserve a spot at the bottom part of the rankings. They’ve only attended two DPC tournaments MDL Changsha and DAC and didn’t manage to break the top 8 in either of them. This means their biggest achievement this year is winning World Cyber Arena, a tournament known for not being known. For iG, this season has not had a big upswing at any point. They managed to qualify for TI8 mostly due to being the best of what’s left. The top 4 in China directly qualified and not much competition remained, meaning iG “only” had to beat LFY to make it to TI. The biggest upswing actually came with the joining of Agressif. Agressif hasn’t been doing great ever since CDEC’s TI5 finals loss but reuniting him with Q seems to have re-lit his flame. With him on the roster, the team went from finishing 5-8th in the qualifiers to actually competing for a top 3 spot. But is a top 3 finish in Chinese qualifiers enough to instil fear in the hearts of teams? Doubtful. iG is a storied organization and has always been seen as a contender but this year they’ll have to accept being relegated to outsiders. Not all hope is lost though as China always has “that team” each TI. A team that looks weak but surprises everyone once TI rolls around. Think LFY last year. iG has the talent to become that team but the question is if they have the drive.

(1) Sun "Agressif" Zheng
(2) Lin "Xxs" Jing
(3) Sun "Srf" Runfa
(4/5) Ye "BoBoKa" Zhibiao
(4/5) Fu "Q" Bin 
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